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Spithood (In Production, Optioned)

A mental health worker is forced to confront her troubled past and a violent patient after he escapes his confinement and goes on a determined rampage.

Cyclone (In Development, Optioned)

An original screenplay by Trav Akbar, it follows young Paramedic Tarni Jarrah whom moves back to her home town and must use every part of her courage and strength to keep herself, and two patients alive after they become trapped in an Ambulance during a cyclone.

Black’s Landing (In Development)

An original screenplay by Trav Akbar, it follows young Paramedic Tarni Jarrah whom moves Bloodbaths and psychopaths are the last thing you should be worrying about when on holiday. Unfortunately for the Yarran’s, it’s exactly what they get when they book their holiday house. After a technical glitch, their booking coincides with Kate, Heather, Deanne and Kristen’s booking. The early bird Yarrans arrive first, and enjoy their day, but things take a gory twist after four entitled white women arrive, hopped up on high-end drugs.

Revelations (In Development)

A contained fear-of-the-unknown horror film, Revelations follows Matthew and his pregnant wife Elizabeth whom become trapped in a church with a priest whom thinks that Elizabeth is carrying the anti-christ.

Garrin (In Development)

An Immigrant who teaches easy targets how to defend themselves must fight for his life against a gang of neo-nazis and an old enemy.

The Holy Lance (Script Sold)

Fictional script based on the first Black Christian saint, Maurice.

Containment (In Development)

Containment is an 8-hour action adventure sci-fi epic.

Set in an Australian dystopia, forty years after the release of an ancient virus, we explore the Australian story and global societal issues such as race, class and poverty through the concept of natural immunity, and predisposition to illness. Cinematic, exciting and idealistic, Containment is a homage to Australian films such as the Mad Max series and The Chain Reaction while also being a completely original, exciting, and enthralling genre story. Containment is a union between a 60,000-year-old culture, the gorgeous Australian landscape, and high-concept fiction.

Angel in the Outback (In Development)

After lowly angel, Aaris is kicked out of heaven and into the blistering heat of outback South Australia, he must find a way to outsmart the two criminals whose crime he witnessed while trying to fit into a community that rejects outsiders.

The Mish (In Development)

A dramady series about a CEO who must try to reign in a rag-tag group of employees or risk the failure of a newly launched community organization while looking after her sick mother.

Firestick: An Underdog Story

Throughout his life, Thibul has pushed to get to the top level in everything he’s done, be it sport, music or film, and despite numerous obstacles and tragedies, and has always kept his head held high…this is his story.

Eskatology: Being Me 


Unbreakable – Produced by Travis Akbar with Reconciliation SA.

Truth-Telling: Apology Day 2023 – Produced by Travis Akbar with Reconciliation SA.


TAMBO (Complete)

After returning to Australia from the failed Gallipoli campaign, A First Nations soldier faces scrutiny that forces him to question his choices, identity, and future.

Tambo premiered world premiered at SXSW Sydney in 2023, had its South Australian Premiere at the Adelaide Film Festival, and was selected for the Whichway Film Festival in Cairns, the Egyption-American Film Festival in New York and the Skabmagovat Indigenous Peoples Film Festival 2024. More to come, hopefully.


The Mysterious Maiden of Montefiores – Pre Production

Inspired by a true story, this black comedy follows two young men who duel to the death over the love of a mysterious woman.